About Us


ABOUT: The FRIEDMAN WONG KAFETZ GROUP is a team that advises and coaches middle class millionaires in creating and implementing customized retirement income strategies that allow them to enjoy their retirement with confidence.
Your financial plan is not a one and done deal, but a process. Our 12-month process helps us to deeply engage and truly understand your unique needs and changing circumstances. We offer a holistic and comprehensive planning based approach to wealth management and retirement planning.

A TEAM EFFORT: There is no “I” in “TEAM.” When you trust the Friedman Wong Kafetz Group with managing your wealth and planning for future retirement, the whole team is on board. Why do we serve you as a team? That’s easy. The financial industry is multifaceted and continues to become more and more complex as the world changes in different ways. We recognize that it takes more than one person to grasp it all – it takes more than one person to answer all your questions and identify all the risks that may come with wealth management in this ever changing and growing world.